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September 25, 2013
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It doesn't show completely in his personality, but Makoto Tachibana was the possessive type. Once he latched himself onto something, or someone, it would be difficult for him to allow that something to get away from him - that was how it was.

On the outside, in public, he would watch his girlfriend's gaze as her eyes flew about. Occasionally, she would catch on a few other males, while she was holding Makoto's hand. Was she really that shameless? That she would be eying other men right in front of him? It was because of this that he stopped asking her to watch the swim club practice or watch them compete in meets - because her eyes would wander to other guys that weren't him.

He caught her by the chin one day, pinning her to the door of her bedroom and, in the sweetest, Makoto-like voice asked her with his breath against her ear,

"Why do you look at other guys like that, with that longing gaze?"

[Name]'s hand fidgeted against the wooden surface she was trapped in front of, her boyfriend's hold on her chin forcing her to keep eye contact with him - she was beginning to grow scared, something she never thought she would feel about such a sweet guy before.

But, this brought about a new flame deep inside her belly; she was more or less turned on by this.

"M-m-m-makoto, I--"

"I thought you said you loved me; was that a lie?"

His free hand slid along the curve of [Name]'s spine and ghosted over the seat of her pants, his fingers slipping into the edge of her back pocket. Surprised by his very forward actions, the [h/c]-haired lass emitted a small sound that made Makoto furrow his brows and retreat his hands away from her body.

"N-no! It wasn't a lie! Why are you acting like this, Makoto? It isn't like you..."

Cerulean optics searched her face for any signs of hesitance; and in no time his lips were crushing hers. In a spit instant of his intimate contact, [Name]'s arms are around his neck and returning his passionate and sloppily wet kisses with vigor, to the point her lungs were screaming for air. And she would always come back for more, like his kisses were the only thing that would give her the oxygen she craved.

"Only look at me, [Name]."

He pants between harsh kisses, his hot mouth stamping against her lips - to the corners, to the lower lip, to the upper lip, across her jaw and behind her ear. It was her fault he had become like this, if she wouldn't look at other guys with that curious expression, he wouldn't be feeling like this.

"You don't need anyone else."

Makoto's arm constricts around her lower back, crushing her against his hard muscles. Through their clashing mouths, teeth, and tongues, a silver trail of saliva trickles down [Name]'s chin and Makoto breaks their kisses from her lips to lick the stray mess from her heating skin, earning him a mewl of satisfaction.

"Never make these noises for anyone else, okay?"

He whispers sweetly in her ear, his voice cutting on an edge that sent a rigid shiver down the bones of her spine and a boiling heat begin to form at her core. The possessive whisperings in her ear made her knees quiver from under her own weight, her fingers dug into his shirt for support and her [h/c]-locked head leaned against the door as she slid to the floor with her boyfriend following her down.

A large hand took her left cheek to its palm and Makoto pressed deep kisses across her cheek, down her neck, over her collarbone and skimming across her cleavage.


"I love you, [Name]...please,"

His ministrations were paused and his gaze fell on hers, a sinisterly sweet smile curling the edges of his lips north.

"never leave my side."
|| reader x yandere!Makoto Tachibana ||
[ Free! ]

i think i completely missed how yandere he'd actually be - if he was yandere. BUT I GIVE 50% OF THE CREDIT FOR THIS DRABBLE TO MY BFF/LOVER/FRIEND COW BECAUSE WE ACTUALLY WROTE THIS TOGETHER THROUGH FB CHAT

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In the end...I ended up reading this agin...and still having nosebleed and hving a female boner
So good! Ahhhh makoto u cutie pie
SoulEvans12 Jan 29, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
I am now in love with possessive Makoto, because THAT would turn me on like in a millisecond 
coolkat122 4 hours ago  Hobbyist Artist
I'm not gonna lie it would SOOOOO! turn me on too
SoulEvans12 4 hours ago  Hobbyist Artist
IKR!! Like for real, especially since it's Makoto, but what if it was Nagisa or Haru, now that would be AMAZING!!
coolkat122 2 hours ago  Hobbyist Artist
Or all of them together? yeah now that sounds like it would be amazing Bear Emoji-17 (Eager) [V1] 
Oh Lordy Lordy this was amazing!!! \(//∇//)\
1234Otaku Dec 1, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
The noise I made was inhuman
FuckYourFaith Nov 27, 2013  Student Artist
zendeya67 Nov 23, 2013  Student Writer
Makoto!!! I love you SO MUCH MOAR NOW *nosebleed* *huggles makoto *
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