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July 2, 2013
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His hollow eyes were cast to the ground, and his shirt was removed as he slumped in between her legs, his back facing her. Rivaille's long, shoulder-length hair hung sloppily in his eyes and his back straightened out. [Name] hummed, taking a pair of scissors from her pocket out and twirling them around her index finger.

The ex-trainee had approached her, complaining - in his own special way - that his hair was a rather large hindrance when he was fighting, since his bangs had begun to obscure his vision. Rivaille wasn't fully confident in her abilities, but as his - the word felt a tad bitter on his tongue - friend, he decided it would be best to trust her.

"If I cut it all off, Rivaille, you won't look as edgy as you do now!"

She teased him, shoving his bare shoulder. He made a sound, not one that was terribly loud, of acknowledgement and hung his head to his chest. [Name] parted her lips to tease him more, though quickly thought it to be unwise and shut them again.

She ran her fingers through his hair, smoothing it of any kinks before she actually began to cut anything. His eyes shut, the muscles of his neck refraining him from moving it a centimeter with [Name]'s gentle tugs. He knew that she would be running her fingers through several times, since he often forgot to brush out his hair; he couldn't be bothered with it sometimes.

The [h/c]-haired young lady begun to cut his bangs, the the back of his head; little by little, more and more hair was on the floor and more of his nape was exposed; the back of Rivaille's neck was now bare, just a thin layer of buzzed hair she cut with a razor. Her long fingers brushed his broad shoulders clean of any stray black hairs, along with his nape.

Rivaille's eyes were still closed as she made her way in front of him, smiling at her work pleasantly.

"There! All done, Rivaille! Now you have the look of a Corporal-to-be!"

Upon hearing her words, his dark eyes opened and stared up at her from his seated position on a small stool. She wasn't that much taller than he was, but all through out training she would poke fun at time for being only a couple of inches shorter than he.

He hummed his appreciation in one syllable, his hand sliding around to cup the back of her neck and pull her down to meet his lips; earnest payment for a job well done.
|| reader x Rivaille/ Levi ||
[Shingeki no Kyojin/ Attack on Titan]

based off of this tumblr post --- > [link] ( Rivaille/ Levi x Erwin/ Irvin comic )
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