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September 18, 2013
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A soft sound escapes her lips when his tongue finds her pulse on the side of her paling neck, her voice strains on her own desire. Through her long, damp lashes she sees the hunger burning in his cat-like emerald eyes, clouded with the carnal desire to make her lust for his touch as badly as he wanted to give it to her.

Laito's lips curl in a tight, egotistical half-smile and a horrified shiver rolls down the ridges in her spine upon sighting his sharpened canines. He caught her staring and carefully drew his tongue over his teeth, soaking in her rising Libido just a bit more.

"Does the little bitch want me to bite her? Are you that naughty?"

He chuckles, leaning over the [h/c]-haired young woman with his head cocked to the side. [Name] swallows the large lump that had been growing in her throat and starts to sit up, throwing the vampire off of her and on to his elbows. She was scared, she didn't want to be this boy's pawn any longer - she was tired of falling victim to his teasing touches and sensual kisses, only to be used as his food source and nothing else.

There was no feeling in the way he touched her and she didn't want to be around any man who took her like Laito does without loving her.

[Name] runs to the bedroom door and attempts to tug the door open, only to find it had been locked from the outside. From behind, a soft chuckle had crawled its way out from Laito's lips - then in a split second, his breath was on her ear and his hands were at her hips.

"Oh? Are you done playing with me, little bitch? Sorry to say, but you're out of luck there; you see, it's me who gets to decide when our fun is over, okay?"

He whispers against her outer ear lobe as his hands slide down her hips and caress her inner thighs. The feeling all but near made her knees collapse in under herself. She didn't want this! He didn't love her!

Laito's lips restrained his laughter as he brushed her [h/c] hair away from her neck while his chest pressed her own into the door, catching her inner conflict on the pure smell of it.

"I bet you're thinking that I shouldn't be doing stuff like this because I don't love you, right?"

She immediately stiffens at his words, which only makes him chuckle, again, and press his hips into her posterior. Parting his lips against the bare skin of her neck, Laito pressed a kiss to the incline - as if to prove a point.

"But, that's where you're wrong, my little bitch; I do love you."

Though, she knows he doesn't mean it; there was no warmth behind his words.

"I love your voice when you moan my name, I love the way you get so excited when I touch you like this, I love the way your hot blood tastes in my mouth, I love every curve of your body; I love all of you."

He was lying, or at least not telling the whole truth.

"And you love me."

His teeth grazed her flesh and she tired her best not to make any noise, as his sort of punishment for being so cruel to her for all this time. The young vampire grunted at her resistance and then groaned, finding her resistance to be oh-so cute and spun her around to grip her by the backs of her thighs and lift her up higher against the door.

Laito's lips sought hers while his hands wrapped her legs around his waist, almost immediately slipping his tongue passed her lips and into her mouth. The small groans that echoed in her mouth only made him kiss her harder, his teeth sinking into her tongue as he begun to suck her pleasure-sweetened blood.

But, no matter how many times he would nearly bleed her dry, or leave pleasurable bruises on her skin, she would forgive him the next day when he'd kiss her blemishes away. He was everything she's ever hated in life, and yet could never refuse his touch.
|| reader x Laito/Raito/Light Sakamaki ||
[Diabolik Lovers]

this is probably one of the worse smut fics i've ever written for one of my boyfriends
i'm just not going to bother with blocking this from innocent eyes because fuck that
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sayitwithwords Mar 28, 2014  New member Student Writer
Laito-chan ~ Embarrassed Chibi 
Thanks. I was definitely thinking I could spend the rest of the day changing my panties every five minutes. I am grateful to you. *dies from loss of blood*
MizukiAoyama Feb 19, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
How many times have I read this you ask?? Let's least 57 bout who's counting. Anyway, loves it Laito is so......seductive in this it's really great
This is good I like it uwu
oh dear, she seems to have a problem....
hot steamy 
tippycat332 Feb 19, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Just like pasta
-nods in agreement- 
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