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December 27, 2012
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It was just plain awkward being in a relationship with someone like Karkat, let alone a fucking alien of sorts. What were they supposed to do for dates and junk? Obviously they had different interest in what they thought was fun and cool and shit like that, but the sole fact that they were two completely different species was something worth fucking thinking about.

I mean, what was [Name] supposed to do? Ask him to go to the movies or something? What if he hated the kinds of movies that she liked? It'd be weird as shit to take an alien person to a human movie theater, wouldn't it? So, like, what were they supposed to do if they wanted to do…dating things?

Look, it wasn't that she didn't like Karkat; no, she really, really liked him. It was just that she was the one that laid down the 'I-like-you' card in the first place, not him. I know, shocking, right? Karkat Vantas, god of all things romanticism and sugary, wasn't the first person to admit that he didn't completely despise someone. If it wasn't clear – that was sarcasm.

Almost all the other trolls knew he had a small thing for the human girl. Fuck, even the blind troll picked it up; she could smell that cherry red blush on his cheeks when she brought [Name] up around him.

Despite the surprising amount of not talking about their interests, they both found out they enjoy Romantic Comedies. How the hell that topic cropped up was beyond them, but hey, they were pushing passed that awkward first stage in a…relationship. So, considering that it was [Name]'s genius idea in the first place, it was decided to do this date bullshit at her house. On Earth.

(Don't even bother asking about how that shit was worked out.)

Anyway. From watching so many of these movies before, Karkat had a very hazy vision of what you're supposed to do during these cheesy movie dates or whatever. He was supposed to put his arm around her and bring her closer to his chest and…cuddle. Ugh, his mouth twitched at the fucking mentioning of the word, the way it rattled around in his think-pan made him cringe. Cuddling. What the fuck kind of shit word was cuddling? But, if it was what he was supposed to do…might as well give it a damn shot.

[Name] was having issues choosing between two human RomComs, 'Friends With Benefits' or 'The Vow'. In Karkat's mind, they both sounded like shitty fucking titles, but it wasn't in his place to speak up about the horrible fucking movies that Earth made – so he bit his tongue. Almost literally. Eventually, she settled on one and put it in the DVD player then decided to go to the kitchen and make popcorn; leaving Karkat to enjoy the first few minutes of the movie.

Mila Kuints and Justin Timberlake; huh, well he's seen worse actors.

Almost ten minutes into the movie and [Name] wasn't back from doing whatever shit she needed to do, she came back and placed a bowl of popcorn in his lap but then left again a second later, mumbling something about getting a sweater. For the passed half an hour she was doing this, getting up, then sitting back down, getting up, then sitting back down. It was like a motherfucking roller coaster for this girl or a game, or something!

She. Would not. Sit. The fuck. Down.

Eventually, Karkat just gave up on trying to understand the movie because [Name] kept walking in front of him, muttering a quick apology, and then disappearing. It was just getting too ridiculous.

Before she could get up for the twentieth time in the passed hour, Karkat gripped onto her arm and tugged her down right beside him, kicking his legs up into her lap. [E/c] eyes darted dangerously to meet with his and a scowl marred his lips.

"Sit the fuck down, [Name]. You've been running around for almost the entire fucking movie. Just. Sit. Down."

Rolling her eyes, she crossed her arms over her chest and leaned back against the couch cushions, a defeated sigh blowing her bangs out of her eyes. He had a point; she did just need to sit down and enjoy what was left of the movie – all twenty minutes of it.

The credits rolled and Karkat brought his legs out her lap, rubbing his eyes with his fingers and massaging the bridge of his nose. It wasn't ideal for a date or whatever the fuck but, it was as good as it was going to get between them. Sometimes he wondered why he even said yes to her in the first place. What the hell possessed him to even do such a thing? The word was right on the tip of his tongue, as much as he wanted to ignore it.

Not like it even mattered, they weren't going to have another date – given to how terribly this one went.

"We…should do this again."

[Name] surprised him by saying. Blinking and brows furrowing, Karkat stared at her skeptically. She was kidding. She was totally kidding.


"We should do this…date thing again."

He wasn't exactly sure how to answer her; does he just say sure? Ugh, he didn't want to deal with this right now. But, despite how much he didn't wanted to, he really did like [Name]; even though she was a complete fuckwit sometimes.

"Uhh, yeah; sure. Why the hell not."

Then a smile lifted the corners of her mouth, brightening her features times any magnitude fathomable. A flush of red entered the young troll's cheeks and a curl of his lip was introduced to his facade. [Name] leaned forward and pressed her mouth to his blushing cheek, sealing the deal.

|| reader x Karkat Vantas ||

i totally botched his character orz
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:iconhandspazzplz: Yes. OMG. So. Much. Yes. This is exactly how I would expect something like this to go down between me and Karkat. Yes. Just so much yes with this one. One of my favorite Karkat x reader inserts ever!
That was adorable!!!
ShAlIaH-HoNK Sep 24, 2013  Student Writer
so cute :3
MrsTomlinson214 Jun 10, 2013  Student Writer
Omg Karkles you need to learn the art of cuddling.
This was nice, It's kind of like me during my Harry Potter movies.
utapri23 May 25, 2013  Hobbyist Filmographer
I only do it when a sad parts comes. I mustn't cry
MapleKitty34 Sep 17, 2013  Student General Artist

MapleKitty34 Sep 19, 2013  Student General Artist
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