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July 24, 2013
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At their age, it was perfectly normal to want something, let's say, more out of their relationship. Sure, hand-holding and romantic dates by the beach were wonderful and pleasant, but [Name] couldn't help but feel like they were just missing something between them; a sort of spark of desire.

When she looked at Makoto, her heart would swell with such large and over-whelming love for him that it hurt to look at him for so long. He was just so big, so innocent, so gentle - it made her feel guilty for corrupting him like she did in her own thoughts. He'd put his hand on hers and she swallowed back the urge to grip him by the sleeve and consume his near-constantly grinning lips in a kiss. She demonstrated absolute restrain when he would strip himself of his shirt before diving into the pool for swim practice, her fingers aching to lure him away and touch him until he couldn't stand it.

She was absolutely horrible.

He wouldn't be thinking about her like that, would he? Ridiculous. Makoto is much too pure and kind for such vulgar and dirty thoughts.

[Name] tries to keep him at a distance and restrain herself from getting too close to her own boyfriend. He wouldn't like it if she suddenly threw herself at him like that, she knew. He would reject her and be angry with her, he'd hate her for thinking like that.

With her constant withdrawing from his touch, Makoto begun to get a little suspicious; he wasn't angry, no, just a little hurt. He had thought she loved him, wouldn't it be natural to want to touch the person you love? Unless...she didn't actually love him like she said she did. During lunch, now, [Name] would immediately chase after Gou (preferred to be called Kou) and ate with her and her friends. When Makoto'd call her name, she would pretend not to hear him and avert her gaze.

Was it...something he did?

Finally, though, the gentle giant have had enough of [Name]'s cold shoulder and intercepted her during lunch period one day, taking her by the hand and dragging her up to the roof with a firm grip at her wrist - something that was almost completely out of his nature to do. He squeezed her skin and the shock waves of desire crashed over her head, soaking her in her own sea of rising libido.

She immediately begun to feel nervous, a growing pain hitting the pin of her stomach.

When he turned, his bright green eyes fell on her and his lips were curved in a slight frown. Despite it all, this was Makoto's best impression of an angry face. The pout on his bottom lip kicked up the surge of warmth in her veins again.

"Are you mad at me, [Name]? Did I do something to make you hate me?"

The sadness laced in his kind voice was evident and nearly tore her heart into pieces just to hear it. God, she hated it when he did this to her; puppy-eyes, quasi-angry brows, and a hurt pout - her one and only true weakness against her.

The [h/c]-haired lass parted her lips and dropped her gaze to her fiddling fingertips, growing embarrassed.

"There you go again! Not meeting my eyes! So, I did do something wrong?"

His fingers were under her chin, gently guiding her face to lift up to meet his watchful, green gaze. The touch of his skin against hers sent a shiver rippling down her spine, jolting her legs forward several steps into his chest.

"N-no, it's just's hard for me to look at you...without wanting to do bad things..."

"Bad things...?"

He repeated her words carefully, never releasing her chin from his grasp. She could easily get away from him if she tried, but decided that she really didn't want to.

"B-bad things that you would hate me for if I tried it."

"Like what?"

Oh god, the way he questioned her so innocently, it made her want to tear her hair out and spell it out for him. Or maybe...was it possible he was just playing with her? That he already knew what the "bad things" were? No. No, it couldn't be that.

Makoto's warm breath fanned across her cheeks and his touch ghosted over her jaw, her hip, her waist; it became apparent that he really did understand her meaning. Upon realization, her gaze shot away as she mumbled,

" and stuff...maybe even a little further..."

The hand that hovered her waist suddenly pulled her in closer, Makoto's gentle hand slid into her [h/c] hair and laced his fingers in the strands at the back of her head. His lips leaned in and pressed against hers, his eyes sliding shut in the purest of ecstasy. [Name] almost felt a scream of triumph bubbling passed her lips as her arms threw themselves around her boyfriend's strong neck, her eyes falling shut into his embrace.

However, just as fast as his kiss came, it disappeared.

"You thought I would hate you because you want to do what normal couples do?"

He pauses to chuckle, leaning his nose and forehead against hers.

"[Name], you think too highly of me. I'm still a man, you know."

The sly grin that curled his lips just a second after those words danced from his mouth, it could only be described as that of a predator. Maybe, [Name] begun to think, Makoto wasn't as pure and innocent as she had originally thought. His breath enclosed on her ear, his voice whispering a soft promise,

"Maybe, I could show you this weekend, hm?"

Well, this was certainly a new change of pace.

But, not like she could say no, anyway.
|| reader x Makoto Tachibana ||
[ Free! ]

my hand slipped and i accidentally made him yandere

and yes theres gonna be a second part that's sort of lemon-y

--- Edit: Oct. 7th, 2013 ---

There's the kind of lemon-y sequel:
Now stop hounding me, JFC
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