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November 17, 2012
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gym class.


"Run faster, useless punks!"

An angry blonde gym teacher shouted while blowing his favorite silver whistle, the shrill contraption blared a warning at all the slacking teens that ran the outdoor track towards the side of World Academy – he would assign extra laps to all the runts of the litter, he'd threaten with his over-bearing drill-instructor voice.

A certain [h/c] young lady wasn't having any of this today. She just got back from over-coming a horrible cold over the weekend break and was now suffering severe pre-period cramps; the noisy P.E. teacher yelling at her to run faster was not doing anything whatsoever to appease her increasingly high levels of stress.

"[L. Name]! I can see you walking back there! Start running!"

"Yeah, well, you can just suck my dick."

She grumbled, grinding her teeth together irritably, [Name] begun to jog from her very slow and steady walking pace. How could that bastard see her? She was clear across the other end of the track! Growling, [Name] muttered a few choice words under her breath as she breezed passed Mister Belischmidt.

"Hold on, [L. Name]. Come here."


He heard her.

A few of the students that passed giggled, mocking [Name] and the inevitable misfortune that she'd find herself in; no one wanted to get on Mister Belischmidt's bad side. It just sucked that she was just so good at pissing the man off.

Not giving him the satisfaction of a jog, [Name] ground her teeth together and walked as slow as she possibly could over to the hot-headed man – she even forced herself to smile.

"Yes, Mister Belischmidt?"

Her [h/c] head dipped in a – not exactly – apologetic bow. Ludwig's narrowed blue eyes watched the youth with curious eyes, they calculated her every move. Had her legs always been that long? Her shorts really…highlighted them, he noticed. Blushing in the slightest, he blonde physical education instructor coughed into his fist and returned to his hard, stern composure.

"Stay after class and we'll discuss your punishment, maggot."

= = = = = = = =

"Bahhhhhh! Mister Beliiiiischmidtttt! This…wrestling mat…is frickin' heavy! At least help me carry it!"

[Name] huffed as she, without the help of Ludwig, carried the gym equipment to the shed beside the main gymnasium. It was supposed to be mild slap-on-the-wrist kind of punishment, not a ploy to try and snap her spine.

Dropping the heavy and long mat to the ground, she took a few seconds to catch her breath – her hands on her knees and her breathing almost becoming labored gasps. Mister Belischmidt rolled his eyes from behind his sunglasses and lifted the mat he was carrying up to his shoulder.

Without realizing it, his eyes trailed down to [Name] again, and zeroed in on her bum. God, it was so well-shaped…so round…and cute.

Oh, gross. What was he thinking? She was a student, for fuck's sake! He shouldn't be thinking of her like that…

"Come on, asshat. If you can't carry a stupid wrestling mat then you shouldn't have signed up for weight-training, got it?"

He growled, striding passed the doubled over young girl.

"I only joined weight-training to meet cute boys, so don't flatter yourself, teach. Tch, as if I wanted to actually learn something from you."

Came [Name]'s reply from behind and the sound of the mat being drug followed suit only shortly after. Ludwig couldn't put his finger on it, but something about her statement more or less disappointed him – it wasn't the fact that she had absolutely zero interest in learning anything from the class but because the sole motivation was to meet cute boys.

He grimaced.

Jealousy was nipping at his heals, and he knew it – no matter how much of a disgusting old pervert he thought himself to be. Sure, he was twenty-four, but [Name] was seventeen…

"Just put the mat over by the wall."

The semi-flustered teacher grumbled, setting the object he slung over his shoulder to the floor of the supply shed. When [Name] entered, the doors were abruptly shut and the light switch by the door was flicked off, immersing the both of them in almost complete darkness.

"[N-name], did you—?"

A hand closed around his wrist and tugged him forward, not suddenly – it was more like a gentle tug, as if she were guiding him closer. Soon enough, Ludwig found himself pressed against a smaller, female body – her eyes grew darker and hazier. This wasn't the angry, lazy teenager from just a few seconds ago, this was someone else completely.

Her gentle finger teasingly trailed down the blonde man's chest as her other hand tugged at the elastic that stretched across Ludwig's hips.

"Mister B, may I be perfectly frank with you?"

[Name] mused, unzipping the track suit jacket he was wearing to the last silver notch.

"I only signed up because of you. I've heard rumors around school about how handsome you were and…I wasn't sure if they were true. So, I wanted to see for myself."

He didn't want to hold back on this girl anymore.

Ludwig's mouth lurched onto [Name]'s own, seizing her bottom lip between his own and aggressively kneaded it, as if he were kissing only his most passionate and long-time lover. Awkwardly, his hands shot out and wrapped around the teenage girl's supple waist and effectively tugged her closer, desperately attempting to meld both of their bodies together.

[Name]'s own hands slipped up his shoulders and delved into his beautiful, blonde hair – pulling in the slightest as he backed the both of them up against the shed's closed door, a groan humming against her lips. [Name]'s feet stumbled a bit, but once she gained her composure again, her mischievous right leg slid up his own and tried to hitch itself to his hip – though not without the minor assistance of Ludwig's hand, only then deciding it would be the best place to keep his hand for now. Soon enough, though her other leg was introduced to his left hip and her ankles hooked around in the back, given a slight squeeze to his middle with her legs.

With their mouths still pressing repeatedly against each other in a flurry of heated and astounding kisses, the hand that was at [Name]'s thigh slid up her leg, her side, the brief outline of her chest, and pressed his palm to the door beside her head and begun to subtly rock into [Name]; thusly earning a groan of satisfaction.

Ludwig's mind was completely and absolutely blank, he had long but forgotten all quarrels he had with the spirited, albeit stubborn, youth and just simply let himself collapse at her feet, leaving him completely vulnerable to her hands and touches. It didn't matter now if they were totally on opposite ends of the spectrum and this was all a big no-no by society rules, he's just craved this kind of contact for so long that it was eating away at Ludwig – until all of this happened.

Chilly fingertips ghosted over the sides of the twenty-four year old's neck and onto his broad shoulders, her slick appendages slid under the shoulders of his jacket and attempted at nudging it off of his person, hinting that it had to be removed in order to continue ministrations. Obliging at a break-neck speed, Ludwig used his chest to press [Name] against the shed's wooden door as his mouth left hers to take off his track jacket; his white tank-top being the only thing left on his upper-person worth getting rid of.

Grinning to herself, [Name]'s hands slid up her teacher's torso as her nails scraped carefully over his rippling muscles beneath that futile piece of clothing he still had on. Groaning, Ludwig lowered his forehead to her shoulder and his teeth gently bit at her creamy flesh of her neck, hands making their way to grip [Name]'s firm bum with a playful and hard squeeze; a small yelp peeped passed her lips.

"That's weird...why is the door closed? I thought there was baseball practice after school…"

"I dunno, but we should get the equipment set up for Judo before the teacher kills us!"

"Haha, yeah, you're right."

Voices trickled in through the cracks in the paneling and a couple of students begun to jiggle the handle of the sports equipment shed. Cursing silently under his breath, the blonde teacher swung [Name] away from the door and set her down, motioning her to hide somewhere by the wrestling mats. Finally doing what she was told, [Name] was across the room in seconds and dove behind one of the large, rolled up mats and made herself scarce.

Rubbing his face with his large hands, Ludwig bent down to pick up his jacket and pulled his arms through the sleeves just before the students opened the door, finding him 'organizing' the baseball equipment. Once the door was swung open, he looked over his shoulder and brought his brows down to match his drooped mouth.

"A-Ah! Mister Belischmidt! I-I didn't know you were—!!"

"Can I help you two with something?"

He grumbled unpleasantly, sending both students a harsh glare.

Visually shaking a bit, both boys swallowed hard lumps in their throats as they attempted to get their timid words to be spoken from their stiff lips.

"N-no! We were just—Never-mind!"

Just as quickly as they came, both boys immediately turned on their heels and fled the premises; a sigh of relief whizzed passed Ludwig's lips and a frustrated hand ran through his messy, gelled locks. It was good that most students are so terrified of him or else it would be harder to do his job correctly as an educator. And then there was [Name], of whom emerged from behind the wrestling mats while dusting off her gym uniform. Her taunting [e/c] eyes glanced up to meet his own shade of brown optics, watching Ludwig with a small smirk curling her lips.

[Name] sauntered over to her teacher, finger extended as she breezed passed him for the door and traced a long, tantalizingly slow line down the front of his chest once more – a silent shiver split down Ludwig's spine and warmed him from the depths of his stomach.

"I guess I'll see you for gym class tomorrow, teacher."

She winked before disappearing into the sunny afternoon, leaving Ludwig to reflect on a lot of heavy thoughts.

Well, dammit.
|| reader x teacher!Germany/Ludwig Belischmidt ||

I'm gonna cry ;v;

Russia's part: [link]

England's part: [link]
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AleItaly1998 May 4, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
me - * nose bleed: looking for a bucket because I do not want to have to remove stains from the carpet * antoooooonnnniiiiooo bring me a bucket you cute bastard!!
Feliciano * sticking out my closet ..... * ~ veeeee I thought only Lovino could call big brother spain so .....
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feliciano - veeeee ....I do not know .... I was hiding from england .....
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arrival in a certain house and ring the bell as if my life depended on it.
gilbert - * opens the door still in his boxers * ja? frau hey, you came to find the awesome me? kesesese
me - * tries to hide a bloody nose * actually ... not really ludwig at home?
gilbert - my bruder unawesome? ja ... why?
me-uhhhhhh ..... nothing ... I was wondering if he would give me lessons of weight training without Italy and Japan .....
AndromedaTheRoma Mar 28, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Yeah, "weight training".... That's what we're callin' it now...
Akari-Sakumi Apr 28, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Damn, even after high school my classmates ruin my life.
kasukabe12 Apr 28, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
Orion-Pax-117 Nov 17, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
Haha! I'm such a tease!
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